Anderson de Paulo - art director and digital designer

Who am i

Hi, i'm Anderson de Paulo, some people know me by Andinho, others by Alemão, most only by Anderson and my family by... Forget about it. I'm a brazilian born in Minas Gerais but i grew up in the capital of São Paulo.

Usually work with teams to develop digital projects since 2005 and graduated in Digital Design on 2009 at the Anhembi Morumbi University. My experience is focused on ​​art direction with an emphasis on interactive creation, I have great ease to work with methodology of information architecture, in fact, one day I have been an architect and front-end developer as well.

Currently I work as art director at RAPP Brazil creating mainly projects to Pepsi Latin America and eventually to customers as Itaucard and Editora Abril. In the past I had the opportunity to work for Mattel, Unibanco, Uniban Cury and Samcil.

If you want to know me better, just follow me on my social networks and download my resume below.

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Anderson de Paulo - Art director and digital designer
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